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How Rental Beds Can Help Facilitate Recovery and Rehabilitation

According to The National Institute of Health, the right environment can significantly enhance the healing process. In fact, an astounding 85% of patients reported improved recovery times when their surroundings catered to their comfort and convenience. One very notable element in creating such a healing-friendly environment is the bed you use, particularly if it's a hospital bed.

But does this mean you need to purchase one? Not necessarily.

We, here at Prosperity Health Inc., have observed how renting can offer a practical, cost-effective solution. Whether you're a patient looking for ways to make your recovery smoother or a caregiver seeking to provide the best care for your loved ones,  rental beds can be a great solution!

Ease of Use

We all know that the last thing you need during your recovery period is to struggle with complex controls and settings. That's why, with a user-friendly remote, you can simply adjust its position effortlessly, and change positions whenever you need to–all without waiting for assistance.

Also, our electric hospital beds for rent come with independent electric motors, so you can adjust their height with just a simple click, which is also particularly useful for caregivers, making it easier to assist with personal care tasks without straining their backs.


Yes, this is no longer a luxury–but a necessity.

Equipped with high-quality mattresses and designed to conform to your body shape, our rental beds provide this optimal support as well as pressure relief that can effectively enhance your sleep quality, a crucial factor in your healing process.


Designed with several hospital bed features, our sturdy side rails ensure you feel secure and at ease. Also, these rails are not just to prevent falls during sleep but also provide support when getting in or out, reducing the risk of injury.

Our beds are equipped with locking wheels to make sure they stay securely in place while you rest, move, or even adjust positions. Its adjustable height also allows you to set it at a safe and comfortable level for entry and exit.


With our rental program, you only pay for the time you need it. No need for a large upfront purchase for some types of hospital beds.

What's more is that they come fully equipped with all the necessary features, eliminating the need for some additional purchases like tables or rails. This all-inclusive approach provides you with significant savings, making your recovery process less even financially stressful.

Caregiver Assistance

Hospital beds not only benefit patients but also support caregivers in providing quality care. All these adjustable features, safety mechanisms, and convenience accessories help them in assisting patients, reducing strain, and as well as ensuring a safe caregiving environment.

How Hospital Bed Adjustments Help

Pressure Relief

By changing your position regularly and as well as elevating certain parts of your body, you can effectively redistribute your weight and even alleviate pressure on vulnerable areas. Controlling and modifying your positioning throughout the day can reduce the risk of any pressure sores, contributing to your more comfortable and safer recovery process.

Improved Circulation

Good blood circulation is indeed very important as it supplies both oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

Elevating your legs can help reduce any swelling and also improve blood flow, which is what exactly you need if you're recovering from a leg or foot surgery. Similarly, adjusting the head is good, too, if you have certain heart conditions; it helps lower your blood pressure and eases your heart's workload.

Respiratory Relief

Having a semi-upright position helps as it can open up your airways and make breathing easier. This is particularly favorable for those with conditions like asthma, COPD, pneumonia, or even common colds since it reduces congestion and improves oxygen flow as well.

Digestive Aid

During and after meals, make sure your head is in an elevated position to aid digestion by using gravity to move food through the digestive tract more efficiently. This position also helps prevent acid reflux by keeping stomach acid down where it belongs. And when the stomach acid goes down where it belongs, it can prevent you from having acid reflux experiences.

How Prosperty's Hospital Bed Rentals Promote Independent Mobility and Exercise

Overbed Tables

Our overbed table can be effortlessly adjusted to different heights and angles so you can comfortably read, write, eat, or even use a laptop without needing to leave the bed, which encourages self-sufficiency.

Also, reaching for items can serve as a small yet effective form of exercise, contributing to maintaining your muscle tone and even flexibility during the recovery period.

Trapeze Bars

This component is designed to assist you in changing positions, sitting up, or also moving in and out independently.

Using them involves using your upper body strength, too, which can serve as an effective form of exercise, helping maintain your muscle mass and promoting better circulation, too.

Bed Rails

Their benefits extend beyond just safety as they can also be used as support when repositioning yourself or when getting in and out, allowing you for some independent movement.

And like trapeze bars, they also engage your muscles when repositioning, contributing to your overall physical health during recovery.

Get the Recover You Need with Prosperity Health 

Recovery and rehabilitation require patience, perseverance, and the right resources. A rental hospital bed can provide the comfort, convenience, and safety you need during this challenging time.

Experience the simple and hassle-free process of having one. We deliver and set up the bed at your home, and when it's no longer needed, we take it away. You only pay for the time you need, making it a cost-effective solution for temporary needs.

Contact Us Today to learn more about our top-quality hospital bed solutions.

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